Next Steps

If you wish to contact me to ask any questions, or to arrange an initial consultation you may do so by:

Mobile / SMS : 07865 521 614

Landline : 0330 223 6500

Email :

Alternatively, you may wish to fill out my contact form to get in touch. If you know you’d like to get started with me then you can complete the New Client Questionnaire available here.

I will endeavour to respond to your enquiry within two working days to arrange a time to speak for an initial 20-minute telephone call in which we can discuss what brings you to seek help and what you can expect from me as your counsellor.

What is discussed on the phone call?

The initial phone call is an opportunity for both of us to start to get a feel for how we might work together and whether we are a good fit, before booking an initial consultation session.  

During the call we will discuss:

  • What brings you to seek counselling
  • Whether we would work in person or online, and any special considerations
  • Fees
  • Paperwork

If any of this seems overwhelming, it can be discussed in more detail during our initial consultation session.

What happens in the Initial Consultation session?

The initial consultation session is our first session, and as such is a bit different to the ones that follow.  As well as being an opportunity for you to talk about why you are seeking counselling in more detail, I will be asking questions to help me assess whether I am able to offer you the help you need.

If you have already completed the ‘New Client Questionnaire’, I may ask you to expand on some of your responses. This is also an opportunity for you to raise any questions you might have about the paperwork, about how I work and how we will work together.

Towards the end of the session, we will agree if you want to work with me, whether short-term or long-term is most appropriate and a regular weekly time for your sessions.

What happens during a counselling session?

Counselling sessions are your space, to talk about whatever feels important to you. They are led by you, and whilst I may occasionally make suggestions, I have no agenda other than to support you with what you bring to the session. You may talk about recent events, or things from your past that stay with you.

You may find at times that you want to sit in silence a while to reflect, and others to stay with the feelings that are emerging. All the while, I will listen without judgement and help you to explore your experiences that you may gain insight, understanding and consider what different options may become available to you.

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