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Below are a collection of links to other websites and agencies that have additional information you may find useful.

Young People


Online and Telephone Support for Under 19’s

Tel: 0800 11 11


Online support and counselling for young people

Young Minds

Offering mental health support to every young person who needs it

Stem 4

Charity offering resources and smart phone apps to promote positive mental health in teenagers and those who support them.

12-Step Recovery Support

Alcoholics Anonymous

Help and support for anyone with issues with drinking alcohol

Tel: 0800 9177 650

Email: [email protected]


Help and support for anyone whose life is or has been affected by someone else’s drinking

Tel: 0800 0086 811

Email: [email protected]

Cocaine Anonymous

Help and support for anyone with their cocaine use

Tel: 0800 612 0225

Email: [email protected]

Codependents Anonymous

Help and support for those struggling to maintain healthy and nurturing relationships with themselves and others

Email: [email protected]

Debtors Anonymous

Helping people to recover from compulsive debting and under-earning

Tel: 0207 1177 533

Email: [email protected]

Gamblers Anonymous

Help and support for those struggling with gambling

Tel: 0330 094 0322

Email: [email protected]

Marijuana Anonymous

Help and support for those finding it difficult to control their marijuana use

Tel: 0300 124 0373

Email: [email protected]

Narcotics Anonymous

Offering help to those with problem drug use

Tel: 0300 999 1212

Overeaters Anonymous

Providing insights into problems of eating compulsively, the strength to deal with it and hope that there is a solution

Tel: 07798 587 802

Email: [email protected]

Sex Addicts Anonymous (SAA)

A Fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope – finding recovery and freedom from addictive sexual behaviour

Tel: 07748 168 164 / 07585 091 502

07538 416 804 (For Women wanting to contact another woman)

Email:[email protected]

[email protected] (for Women wanting to contact another woman)

[email protected] (for LGBTQ preferring to contact another LGBTQ)

Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous (SLAA)

Open to anyone who knows or thinks they have a problem with sex addiction, love addiction, romantic obsession, fantasy addiction and/or sexual, social and emotional anorexia

Tel: 07984 977 884

Email : Via web form

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